Galena Schoolhouse 1882

Edith Houlette's memories of school, age about 6.  Edith went to school in Galena for a bit less than one year. 

The school is a small entry room when you first go in – we used to hang coats there. 

There is no indoor plumbing – the kids (me too) used to haul water buckets in for drinking and washing water.  There were always several children who ate lunch at school but I could go home because Rosie’s house was pretty close.  

If I remember right we had a recess but I’m not sure when we started or finished – much like the other schools I think.  I’m not sure of our hours – I would think the same as all other county schools.  The school had a nice bell - I think the teacher rang it at the appropriate hours.  We had fairly good teachers who expected us to behave.  We got disciplined if we didn’t behave.” 

notes from dinner discussion: 

She thinks she was there in second grade, for a few months.  She doesn’t remember there being snow or it being cold; she remembers sunny days. 

The kids got water from a pump on the school grounds.  

 “Rosie’s house” was behind where Marilyn’s is now – the house had log siding.  There were more houses in the area then than now.   

The Catholic Church was still there next to Rosie’s place (Marilyn’s) and had an alter, an alter cloth and a statue (probably of Mary) that she remembers.  Services were still held there.  They didn’t attend but the kids peeked in the windows. 

The Methodist Church (on the hill) was there but not having services.  She remembers going to a box social there – “everyone went.”  There were benches around the walls where people sat, and there was some dancing and food.  She’s not sure if it was a piano, a Victrola or local musicians. She’s not sure if there was an auction of the lunches. 

In the house on the other side of the Church was a family with a boy Mother’s age – he got in trouble for stealing things (probably from people’s garages – not at school).  She doesn’t recall details about the other children, except they were a wide age range. 

The school had a swing, but no slide or teeter totter that she remembers.  She doesn’t remember any organized games or sports as part of school.  She doesn’t think the teacher was outside for recess, but “kept an eye on them.” 

“Discipline” was being kept after school. 

Doesn’t remember there being a flag raising on school days.  Doesn’t recall her teacher playing the piano or organ in the school. 

She remembers they studied arithmetic, spelling and geography – she didn’t take school books home. 

Rouibaix had a school; so did Nemo – she’s not sure how far away kids came to the Galena school. 

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