All 127 known graves in Galena Cemetery (11/20/2014)—font style indicates source:

All 106 named graves from Seth Galvin list plus one “Unknown” grave

All 82 named graves from 2014 grid survey (C-12-1)

All 13 marked but unknown graves from the 2014 survey (L-9-1)

32 depressions assumed to be unmarked & unknown graves (2014 survey)

All 67 named graves on both the Seth Galvin list and the 2014 grid survey list

All 4 named graves from Sarah’s county death certificates not found on other lists

Both names from the Borsch/Bentley list not found on any other list


Adams, Jean Cordes (Q-6-1) wife of R. H. “Woody” Adams, d. in Virginia City, SD

Avery, George, killed on Cora dump about 1887

Bailey, Joe, pioneer of Alder Gulch, MT & Black Hills, d. 1914

Bales, Ida, died about 1887

Beckland, Family (D-17-1), Albert Beckland, son of Mat Balkland

Beckland, Family (D-17-1), Balkland, infant

Bentley, Charles (O-10-3), d. Oct. 13, 1962, husband of Gladys Harris

Bentley, Gladys Katherine Harris, born at Galena, Mar. 4, 1894, d. Jan 7, 1972

Blood, James (E-23-2v), Civil War vet, northern soldier, d. ca. 1889

Blore, Sam (N-26-1)

Borsch, Chet (M-6-1)

Borsch, Esther Allen (L-6-1), d. in Spearfish, daughter of W. C. Allen & Arabale

Borsch, Fred (L-6-1), Fred G. Borsch Jr., b. 9/12/00, Galena, d. 11/2/81, Spearfish

Bouyea, Pete

Brooks, W. F. (J-14-1v), Warrick, Civil War vet, northern soldier, Galena pioneer

Campbell, Sarah (M-12-1), Aunt Sally, colored woman, Black Hills pioneer, d. 1887

Chubb, Prentiss (G-11-3), son of William Chubb

Claife, Edna

Covert, Albert F. (F-23-1), F=Fredrick, son of David F. & Phoebe, d. ca. ’09, pioneer

Covert, David F. (F-23-1), Civil War vet, northern soldier, d. 1895, pioneer

Covert, Dellia L. (F-23-1), Delia, daughter of David F. & Phoebe, pioneer

Covert, Dorney, son of David F. & Phoebe, d. 1884, pioneer

Covert, Francis V. (F-23-1)

Covert, O. F. (H-23-1v)

Delaney, Dave

Dempsey, Dewey M. (J-6-1v), Deway Maneivia Dempsey, b. 11/19/1897 d. 11/19/1980

Dempsey, Ira M. (K-7-2)

Dempsey, Josephine (K-6-1), J. M., wife of Deway, b. in England, d. Nov. 14, 1972

Dempsey, Richard (K-7-1), son of Ira

Durgen, Gertrude, Gypsey Durgen, 15

Erickson, Oscar, uncle

Featherston, wife of Featherston

Galvin, David (R-18-1), b. in Ireland, Galena pioneer, d. 1911

Galvin, Mary (P-18-2), b. in New Orleans, LA, d. 1884, pioneer

Galvin, Richard (Q-18-2), son of David & Mary, d. 1905, pioneer

Galvin, Seth (R-17-2), Galena pioneer, b. Feb. 11, 1873, d. Oct. 3, 1939

Garvey, Phillip, fell over precipice below Sitting Bull dump, 1882

Gorman, Pat (O-16-1), Patsy shot by Wm. Thatcher in post office doorway, 1882

Groshong, James, pioneer of Galena, d. 1895

Groshong, Clara (Ingalls), pioneer, wife of Walter, son of James, d. 1897

Groshong, Herbert, pioneer, son of James, d.1923

Groshong, child of Walter & Clara

Hadley, J. G. (H-14-1), J. C., pioneer of Galena, merchant, d. 1883

Halvorsen, Henry (C-27-1), pioneer

Harris, Baby (M-9-2)

Harris, Guy Barton (N-9-1), son of Katie & C. B. Harris, d. 1906

Harris, John (Grandfather) (P-9-2), C. Harris, father of C. B. & Galena pioneer

Harris, Kate (Doyle) (Mother) (O-10-2), Katie, pioneer, Galena teacher, d.1907

Hewitt, Albert E. (K-13-1), Galena pioneer, d. 1884

Hoskins, Ida (G-19-1), daughter of James Hosking

Hoskins, James (G-19-1), Jas. Hosking, d. 1891, Galena pioneer

Hoskins, Jonnie (G-19-1)

Hudson, Edna Claire (G-25-2)

Hudson, Homer (G-25-2), nephew of Judge W. G. Rice

Ingals, Ed (assumed to be Ed Engals on 2008 list)

Irwin, Robert, b. 1810, d. 1891, Colorado & Black Hills pioneer

Johnson, Ella, daughter of Martin

Johnson, Martin (J-9-1), aged 85 yrs., Galena pioneer, d. Apr., 1934

Johnson, Mrs., wife of Martin

Kelly, Amy (G-11-2), Mamie, daughter of Joseph, d. ca. 1891, Galena pioneer

Kelly, Beulah

Kelly, Hester W. ((F-11-1)

Kelly, Joseph B. (G-11-1), d. ca. 1899, Galena pioneer

Kelly, Lucius W. (H-11-1), Louis, son of Joseph, Galena pioneer

Kelly, Martha B. (I-8-1), wife of Joseph W. Kelly

Kelly, Miss Blanche (E-11-1), daughter of Joseph & Hester Kelly, d. at Dorsett Home

Kelly Mrs., wife of James, Galena pioneer

Kelly, Prentiss

Kirby, Michael, d. 1905, aged 81 years

Lamberson, Aaron (E-21-1v), Civil War vet, north, Galena pioneer, famous hunter

Lamberson, Andrew A. (C-21-2)

Lamberson, George Leroy (C-21-2)

Lamberson, Mrs., wife of Aaron, Galena pioneer

Lofstedt, Dale L. (I-3-2), son of Sarah & Peter, b. Lake Norden, SD & d. Anchorage, AK

Ludlow, Edward, Galena pioneer, d. 1900

Lynn, Mary, wife of William, died Nov. 1935

Lynn, William, pioneer treasure guard, 6’ 8 ¼“ in height, d. 1899

Mackey, Edwin (I-3-1), husband of Sarah McAvoy, d. July 5, 1970, farmer

Mackey, Sarah (I-3-1), daughter of John & Christophina McAvoy, d. Hartford, SD

Madden, Mrs., wife of Charles, d. ca. 1891

Majors, C. C., d. 1883, Galena pioneer

Majors, Mrs., wife of C. C., d. ca. 1908, Galena pioneer

Matlerson, Mary

McAvoy, Christina (F-8-1), Mrs., wife of John

McAvoy, John (H-8-1)

McAvoy, Mary (G-8-1), daughter of John & Mrs. McAvoy, Mary, 1918

McBratney, Sheridan (L-1-1v), Civil War vet (N), pioneer treasure guard, d. 1/8/09

McCrimmon, d. 1886

McDermott, Pat (McDermont on 2008 list)

McLean, Archie, young son of Dan & Alice McLean, d. 1879

McLeay, Douglas, d. 1891

McNamara, Baby (O-2-1)

Morrison, Alex, d. ca. 1890

Murphy, Eliza Jane (N-18-1), Elizabeth, wife of Dan, d. ca. 1899 (corrected to1901)

Olson, John, d. 1901, Galena pioneer (“Oleson” written in margin)

Perley, Joseph (Q-26-1v), d. 1930, World War vet

Perley, Robert (P-26-2), d. 1932

Perley, Wilhelmina (Schnitzel) (P-26-1), “Mina” Schnitzel or “Neva” Perli

Place, Herbert L. (I-17-1), small son of Galena pioneer postmaster

Potter, Emma B. (D-7-1)

Potter, Nettie V. (D-7-1), small daughter of William Potter, d. 1901

Primrose, Edward (D-25-1)

Primrose, Lodi (D-25-1), daughter of Nat & Sarah, (Lora)

Primrose, Nathaniel (D-25-1), Galena pioneer, d. ca. 1916

Primrose, Sarah Isabel (D-25-1), wife of Nat, born McAuley, 19??

Primrose, Wynona (D-25-1), daughter of Nat & Sarah, (Win)

Rich, Galena “Lena” (G-14-2)

Rich, J. M. (G-14-1v), I. M., Civil War vet, Galena pioneer, died Feb., 1885

Rooney, Thomas, Galena pioneer, d. ca. 1913

Scoggin, Vilas (C-9-1), son of M. L. Scoggin, d. 1902

Secoy, infant

Seville, Stephen, d. 1891, Sherville on 2008 list

Shadrach, Neal, one of first buried, about 1878 or 1879

Sharp, David, killed in Cora Mine 1890

Sigdestad, Alfred (D-23-1), 1941

Sigdestad, Elizabeth (E-23-1), Sigdastad, Mrs., mother of Franz, d. Dec., 1935

Sigdestad, Franz (D-23-2), d. 1931

Sigdestad, Ivar A. (C-21-1), d. 1951

Sigdestad, Knute, b. 8/24/08, d. 9/30/94, cremated, farmer, rancher, son of Ivar & Elizabeth

Summers, Charolette “Alva” (J-7-1), Elva C. Dempsey-Summers, b. 1/12/13, d. 2/14/79

Unknown, Died in mining accident (O-7-1)

Unknown man killed on Mineral Hill, fall of 1896

Unknown (A-24-1)

Unknown (B-24-1)

Unknown (B-24-2)

Unknown (C-23-1)

Unknown (E-21-2)

Unknown (F-14-1)

Unknown (G-25-1)

Unknown (H-11-2)

Unknown (L-9-1)

Unknown (P-24-1)

Unknown (Q-14-1)

Unknown (T-18-1)

Van Alstine, Myrtle (L-7-1), daughter of Hawley & Lillie Van Alstine, d. 1892

Ventling, Baby (D-11-1)

Wamsley, Evelyn (B-25-1)

Wood, A. G., (J-19-1v), Al, Civil War northern vet, Galena pioneer

Young, William, d. ca. 1891

Zeni, Anselmo (R-26-1)

Zeni, Valentine (Q-26-2)


There are a total of 127 names of people listed above that could be buried in the Galena Cemetery.  Sixty seven of these names are common to both the Seth Galvin and the 2014 list.  Fifteen of these names are only found on the 2014 list and thirty nine are only found on the Seth Galvin list.  There are six names that are only found on the Sarah Mackey and Borsch/Bentley lists.  These numbers add up to 127.


The thirty nine names found on Seth Galvin’s list but not found on the 2014 list are unmarked graves.  The six names on Sarah Mackey’s list and the Borsch/Bentley list are also not found on the 2014 list so they are also assumed to be unmarked.  There appear to be forty five unmarked graves in the Galena Cemetery.


Thirty two depressions were recorded in the grid survey of 2014 which are considered to be unmarked & unknown.  The one “unknown man” from the Seth Galvin list appears to be one of those depressions.  Adding the thirteen marked but unknown graves from the 2014 survey, there appear to be 45 graves that cannot be tied to names.  Adding the 82 named graves from the 2014 list, it appears there are 127 graves within the present, fenced boundary of the Galena Cemetery.  It appears that all 127 graves could be matched to the 127 names of people that could be buried in the Galena Cemetery.



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